60 + 1

01 Book
02 Braille
03 Compact Disc
04 Computer File
05 Digital Video Disc (DVD)
06 Laser Disc Map
07 Microfiche
08 Microfilm
09 Music Score
10 Sound Cassette
11 Tape Slide
12 Transparency
13 Video Compact Disc (VCD)
14 Video Cassette

A LITTLE BEIJING did not fit into any of the categories listed on the ISBN Application Form (provided by the National Library Board). Two days after enquiring, the nice lady over the phone said: "OK, YOUR TRAVEL GUIDE WILL BE REGISTERED AS '60 POSTCARDS + 1 MAP'..." Why does it have to sound so experimental?

Guess i can't call it a Book Launch anymore. 'cos it's really NOT a book, it's a '60+1' ? ha... So, here goes: DO POP BY FOR THE LAUNCH OF 'YOUR NICHE TRAVEL GUIDE' !!!