A Little Beijing was exhibited at the Frankfurt Bookfair!

"...Books are a particularly good reflection of the standing of a country. That is why
the Frankfurt Book Fair invites publishing companies from all over the world
every year to contribute to a special exhibition with their current publications
relating to the respective Guest of Honour. In relation to China, that invitation has
been accepted this time by more than 500 publishing companies in 32 countries.

With almost 2500 titles, the exhibition of »Books on China« provides a vivid
impression of the diversity of observations and the challenging contexts when
dealing with China's culture, the China of today and its thousands of years of
history. It is particularly pleasing to note that the appearance of China as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair not only inspires lively debate, but has also led to an
overwhelming number of new publications. In the German language alone, more
than 400 titles on China are newly published this year. They mirror both the
fascination and the critical controversies, but above all, the curiosity of the book
world when it comes to a country that is repeatedly talked about in superlatives and
on which nowhere near everything has yet been written.

I would like to invite you to share this curiosity with us and hope that you enjoy
making exciting discoveries."

Juergen Boos
Director of the Frankfurt Book Fair

I especially like the last line, about this special curiosity and exciting discoveries.